Last week left us with a standstill. Russell, Simone, and ‘Jo’ versus Indra and the others on Eligius. However, the Primes brought leverage. Once ‘Jo’ points the gun to Gaia’s head, Indra surrenders.

Russell tells everyone that they will depart to Planet Beta, a 20-year journey. He gives them one hour to decide whether they accept cryo sleep for the travel or their execution. They let go of Madi and she immediately orders them to attack. ‘Jo’ stares Madi down, blocking Simone’s raised gun and tells her that no one makes orders except them and knocks her out. It was a good thing that ‘Jo’ was facing with her back to her parents because you can see the hurt dripping off her face and that would have been a dead giveaway that she’s not their daughter.

The Primes deem Madi a problem as they try to discuss their plans of survival. Her people’s devotion to her is problematic. The gun fight proved their willingness to sacrifice their own lives on her orders and they need their cooperation. As long as Madi continues to disagree, she poses a danger to their survival but they can’t kill her because that will cause unrest. Simone counters with a plan to kill her sleeping army instead and she’s going to use the mind-wiping serum to do it.

The Believers of Sanctum throw gas bombs into the structure Bellamy and the others hid in, knocking them out. They wake, bound and gagged. They are surrounded by the Believers in some sort of ritual. They approach the rebel Layla first and ask her to drink the blood of Sanctum or spill her own. Remaining defiant, the female leader slits her throat and she falls to the ground. Next is Miller. He chooses the Blood of Sanctum. Jon and Emori enter in their Prime costumes making the Believers think they are sibling Primes, Daniel and Kaylee. However, when Jon winks at Bellamy he knows otherwise. Emori tells the leader that they will take the Earth people to the palace and they let them. As they leave, Jon is approached by another believer and he plants one on him. Clearly he knows the Prime Jon is pretending to be. Jon tells him perhaps another time and walks off, leaving the man in a stupor. Miller starts to faint on their way to the palace as Jon and Emori fill them in on the situation with Russell and the others. The people outside start to swarm them, blaming them for Russell’s abandonment. They race to the Palace where Gabriel opens the door just in time.

Simone works on injecting the serum into the cryopods via an outlet on the wall in a hallway with ‘Jo’ and Russell. ‘Jo’ asks them if they’re sure they want to do this and seeing that they won’t stop, she turns it around on Simone asking her if she’s feeling okay given Abby’s neural condition. Russell assures ‘Jo’ that he personally checked twice before putting Simone’s drive in, saying that he wouldn’t make the same mistake he did with Clarke. This confirms that Abby is truly gone and Clarke cracks. She freezes and stalls until she finally has to reveal that their daughter is dead. She refuses to hand over the serum and runs off.

With Becca’s notebook, Raven manages to get past the AI in the flame. She plans to find Sheidheda and transfer his presence onto a second computer where she can then kill him without hurting Madi. She discovers a kill code leading them to a second option. They can go with her original plan or they can use the kill code but that will destroy the flame. She looks to Gaia as the Flamekeeper for a decision. Gaia tells her to kill the son of a bitch but before she can enact the code, Russell storms in and stops them. He takes Madi as leverage against Clarke.

Simone meets Clarke in the hallway. She takes a gun from a guard and tries to persuade Clarke that it’s Abby. As a test, Clarke asks her what her father’s name is and when she can’t answer, she knows that Simone is lying. She pulls the lever beside her, opening up the door to the atmosphere, sucking everyone out but Clarke and Simone. Clarke is holding onto a strap that’s wrapped around her waist and Simone has grabbed one of her feet, keeping her inside. Clarke wriggles and kicks until she loses her grip and is thrust into space. She pulls the lever to close the hatch.

Sheidheda/Madi are escorted to the control room by Russell and his guards and they try to negotiate a truce against Clarke.

Emori and the others find Jordan but he’s stuck in the adjustment protocol and can’t break the trance until the effects of the blood wear off. Octavia wants to help Gabriel save his people who were left in the believers ritual and Bellamy tells her that they will do it side by side and Echo and Emori join. However, Gabriel sheds light on Emori’s Prime identity, Kaylee, and how she didn’t agree with the Adjustment Protocol so it wouldn’t make sense for her to escort Gabriel back in the hut where the ritual is taking place. It has to be Jon, who already refused once to do it, saying he already risked enough to save his own people. He caves and they leave. Emori stays behind to watch over Miller and Jordan.

Clarke joins the others and they tell her that Russell has Madi and she breaks down. She just killed his entire family and now he has the only family she has left. Russell and Madi storm in, united. Clarke puts a gun to her head hoping that this risk will snap Madi out of Sheidheda’s grasp and it works, but then Madi seizes showing that her battle with Sheidheda isn’t over yet.

To save Madi, they destroy the flame, but Madi doesn’t wake. Raven suggests removing it and when they do, it works and she wakes. Clarke hugs Raven thanking her for saving Madi and Raven tells her she’s sorry about Abby. The peace is brief, shattered by a single computer ding telling them that Sheidheda disappeared off the AI. Begging the question, where did he go?

Murphy and Gabriel walk into the ritual hut and drink the blood of Sanctum upon the leader’s direction. She leaves and bars the door claiming that they will purify the believers in the ritual with fire. Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia intervene, working tirelessly to douse the torches from all those outside acting on the leader’s behalf. Murphy and Gabriel hear a commotion outside and make their move, subduing the believers and releasing Gabriel’s people. The leader douses herself with gas and sets herself aflame seeing how futile the torches are but Octavia sees and crashes into her before she can reach the hut. Octavia rips off her jacket to rid the fire and that’s when Gabriel notices something strange on the skin of her back. He asks to take a better look and discovers markings he’s studied for the last 150 years. He tells them that those belong to the anomaly stone. Octavia exchanges a look with Gabriel saying that it means she needs to go back through the anomaly.

Clarke and the others land back on Sanctum and reunite with the others at the compound. Bellamy talks to Jordan and he tells him that people were saying that he got Priya killed. Bellamy tells him that the truth got her killed. Jordan seems out of sorts, skeptical of Bellamy. He’s definitely aloof and hard to read. Miller kisses Jackson and Clarke and Bellamy embrace.

They head to Gabriel’s camp to learn more about this anomaly stone and Gabrial shows them this spiral with similar markings to Octavia’s back. He thinks it’s what causes the radios to not work and they try something with the device but it goes wrong. Gabriel was wrong. They leave the room and surface in his tent, awash in a light green glow. A young woman runs in from the entrance and Octavia appears to know her. She says it’s Hope, Dioyza’s daughter. She tells Octavia that he has her mother and stabs her with a knife. They share a few words making it sound like this was planned and then she disappears from Bellamy’s arms.

Bellamy exits the tent and we’re left with him shouting her name in the forest.

I don’t know what to feel here as there are so many directions the new season could be headed in. The 100 was renewed for another season, but season 7 will be the last and it will consist of 16 episodes.

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