If there’s anything that can be said about this show, one must include the cliffhangers. It keeps fans on edge and the season 5 finale was no different. We were left with Clarke and Bellamy staring out of Eligius and looking upon the very planet its predecessor was sent to excavate. Only it’s over a hundred years later and instead of waking up Monty and Harper, they wake up to their son, Jordan. Sanctum opens right where things left off, but now the others are awake, except for Octavia.

Tensions were running high when Clarke shut the door and they blasted into space and many of those feelings still lingered. The most obvious being Raven and Abby. Abby struggled with her addiction all throughout season 5 and here we see her, healthy and claiming she’s clean. But that didn’t change the fact that she shocked Raven last season just to feed her addiction and as such Raven was not in a forgiving mood. And to make matters worse? Their bickering causes hard times for Marcus. Monty gifted Abby some of the algae that made all of them almost die and thought it might be the answer to save Kane. And it worked, or at least it did up until, Octavia, now woken up by Nylah pushes him over the edge and back into danger. But this time they didn’t have the algae. Plunging Marcus right back into cryosleep. Raven and Abby’s fighting over drugs revealed a little more about Raven too. She has seen what an addiction can do, with her mother and instead of pills, it was the bottle. Hearing more of Raven’s story, albeit dark and depressing, was a great addition to this episode!

The main objective for this episode was to see if this new planet, Planet Alpha was survivable. Bellamy and Clarke lead an exploratory mission to find out. Sounds easy right? It would be, if everyone wasn’t still angry towards Clarke. As always, Clarke betrayed many people last season and cryosleep did not heal those wounds, especially with Shaw and Raven. Clarke apologises to everyone when they make it to the ground and it seems to lighten the tension. Shaw tells her that good faith is what you do, not what you say and that she still hasn’t done anything to make it right. And unfortunately, she starts to prove herself only after Shaw gets extremely hurt from an electric shock as they fled from these mysterious bugs. Realising that the radiation keeping the others back won’t affect her, Clarke rushes to save him, but realises that it was too late and he dies. His final words were about Raven and how he wants her to be happy, that she deserves happiness even though she doesn’t think she does. I instantly liked Shaw when he was introduced last season and this felt very bittersweet to me. And again Raven is left with no one. First with Finn, then with Wick, and now again with Shaw. She is by the far the unluckiest character in the show, and I really hope she finds some semblance of peace and happiness as this season progresses because Shaw is right, she deserves it.

Meanwhile, Miller and Jackson are trying to come to terms with what they had to do in the bunker, proving that those scars run deep. Murphy makes crass comments towards Clarke and Miller, proving once again his usual cockroach behaviour. Bellamy steps in and breaks it up, just before they stumble upon stairs leading to an abandoned castle. Splitting up to search for people and answers, they find shrines showcasing symbols of A.L.I.E., from season 3. And of course, despite Bellamy telling him not to, Murphy steals a music player from the shrine and blasts the music as they continue to search.

Bellamy finds Clarke in one of the houses and apologises for never responding to her, those years in space during Praimfaya. She confides in him that those calls were the only thing that kept her sane. He jokingly called her pathetic but not crazy. I’ve read the books and I know how much the Clarke and Bellamy relationship means to readers and as a fan of both, I feel like this was a step closer to the possibility of it happening. I’m really hoping that they grow closer in this season because it’s been a long time coming for them.

Clarke was reading a children’s book as she explored, thinking nothing of it at the time, except the idea that Eligius III sent whole families down for the mission. Bellamy takes a closer look at it and discovers the true meaning of the book’s story. It’s a warning. The people of Planet Alpha ran away because of the eclipse.

Sanctum ends with Emori going crazy and stabbing Murphy. Leaving Clarke with the new realisation that the attack was brought on by something in the air as their gazes go to the sky watching someone steal their ship and fly away. No way out and secrets about Planet Alpha coming to light, what will they do to make it back to their people? Will whoever stole their ship find Raven and the others back on Eligius? Without any radio signals Bellamy and the others are left with no way to warn those they love.

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