The galaxy seems to bring out a Star Trek story for each generation to teach them what it means to catch and fly among the stars. Star Trek: Discovery is the latest series, which comes from CBS All Access and Netflix, and brings new adventures of both old and new characters who travel through the galaxy to see what the universe has in store.

After her parents were killed, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) was adopted by a couple from Vulcan, which happens to be the parents of the famous Vulcan, Spock. Years later, after some ups and downs, she becomes a science specialist on the spaceship Discovery. Of course, the research ship is not just cruising around without getting into some serious dangerous situations. With the help of the Kelpien Saru (Doug Jones), chief engineer Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp), cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman), and friends she makes along her journey.

Star Trek Discovery

A Diverse Cast With Strong Females

This show is an excellent example of a diverse cast with having a black female actress in the leading role around which the story evolves. The show also dives into the topic of immigration through the Kelpien Saru who seeks refuge at Starfleet. You have all kinds of representation and no one is less important. Among the number of women in higher positions, you have two women flying the Discovery and at least three more on the bridge. In the beginning, Philippa Georgiou (played by the amazing Michelle Yeoh) is captain of the Shenzhou, where the show begins, and Tilly is in the middle of her training to become one.

Star Trek Discovery

When New Meets Old

The first season is about Michael being dishonoured and reestablishing herself among Starfleet. After Captain Georgiou, she serves under Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) until in Season 2 when we see some very known characters appear as a younger version of themselves. Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) temporarily takes over the Discovery and one of his missions is to find his lost first commander and friend Spock (Ethan Peck). I cannot give you the timeline the show can be placed in exactly, but according to the fandom, Discovery is placed between “Star Trek: Enterprise” (with Scott Bakula) and “Star Trek” (with Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock and William Shatner as Captain James Kirk).

If you are one of those who only accept one Spock, I understand you completely. It is strange to see a Spock so young with a beard, rebelling, and not being as logical as we all know him to be. However, now that Season 2 has aired, having him in the show does make sense if only to understand Michael better. Pike as well is of great value to the show. Not only does Mount play his part perfectly, but Pike is a character and a captain the show desperately needed. One who would not follow Starfleet rules at all time but let his heart guide him to do the right thing and understand that not everything is black and white.

Star Trek Discovery

Important Life Lessons

If Star Trek is known for something, it is for showing their audience that there are so many amazing things in the world and that we just need to really look at it. The show teaches you what really matters. It is hard to explain without spoiling too much, but this franchise is known to explore planets, find and explore other cultures, and basically do research all over the universe which opens your eyes to some extraordinary things. You definitely can take this for yourself and adapt it in your daily life.


Alone you can only do so much, but together with a group of colleague or friends, you are able to do everything. Discovery exhibits this well. Michael is used to do everything by her own and fighting her way through. She never lets anyone near her, let alone gets to know her properly. But the façade breaks slowly, and she finds some very good friends, including Tilly and Saru. Now, with someone having her back and caring for her, nothing is impossible for her. Far from home, they are the closest thing to a family they have.

Star Trek Discovery

Doug Jones as Saru

Who? I can see your heads shaking that you have no clue who that is. Trust me, you know him pretty well. Have you seen the first two Hellboy movies, Pan’s Labyrinth, or The Shape of Water? He is the guy behind the mask! Before CGI was invented, actors had to sit hours and hours and let the make-up people put on a mask to transform the person to the alien or supernatural being they had to play. I love some good CGI as much as the next person, but using masks and prosthetics are real old school art and I love to see people still using it.

Star Trek Discovery

In Discovery, he plays the Kelpien Saru, who seeked refuge on Starfleet and is the only one of his kind who every did so. He is one of the most interesting characters on the show, not only because of his roots but also because of him as a being. The friendship which evolves during the show between him and Michael is so beautiful and breaks your heart at the same time. As Michael puts it, he is the most empathetic soul she ever had the honour to know and I can agree.

“I have learned multiple languages, yet never shared my own, fearful of revealing my own alienness. May I request a favour? I have kept detailed personal logs since joining Starfleet. I would ask you to officially catalog them so that when the General Order 1 no longer applies to the Kelpiens they will know a journey like mine is possible. You might say my life began when I was granted refugee status by the Federation. While being processed at Starbase 7 I saw for the first time life-forms from across the universe. Some with less than I had, yet with a dream of something better. I listened. Every story I heard created a space inside me to feel more to love more. I joined Starfleet to help those in need the way I was helped. There was just one painful caveat to my signing up. I could never return home.”

So, now we ask you to think about joining Starfleet with us and enjoy the ride. Live long and prosper.

Star Trek Discovery

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